Sensation Style Homeopathy Evaluation and Treatment with Constitutional Remedies for the Individual Physical, Mental and Emotional Problems

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Mary had a 3rd cardiac stent to repair a 70% blockage but "...immediately after the stent was inserted she had a horrific migraine headache. For the next 2 weeks the migraines continued. She went to see Jolinda who immediately dimmed the lights. She painlessly inserted two acupuncture needles in Mary's legs and one in her hand. Mary said she could feel the grip of the migraine letting go! She left with no pain! It has been like a miracle. If you have migraines you know what they can do to you. All we can say is "Wow"

Ken Gricus


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Ask anyone who has
benefitted from homeopathy
and the answer is a
resounding "YES!"
Historically consumers have
experienced great success
using homeopathy, including
the Royal Family in England.
Now, because of clinical and
scientific investigation and
peer review globally we
have greatly expanded our
understanding of
homeopathy and added to our
pharmacopeia, all of which
improves our success rate.
Internationally homeopathy is
poised to be the health care
choice for the future based on
effectiveness, safety and
modest cost.




We want your main complaint to change, evolve
and go away - as quickly as possible and without
side effects or complications. A constitutional
homeopathic remedy can touch your life in
very deep and meaningful ways.
If you cannot come to the office I offer
homeopathic consultations by phone

What is homeopathy?
The homeopath looks at what is unique in
your overall condition and matches that to a
homeopathic remedy. When the remedy repairs
the internal "glitch" where the symptoms originate,
it produces a deep healing on all levels including
your general responses to stress. Relief may be
noticed on the physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual levels.

How does homeopathy
treat a disease?

Relief from symptoms is due to the new harmony
created inside you after taking a well prescribed
homeopathic remedy. The goal of homeopathy is
to strengthen and correct your system's responses
so discomfort and disturbances are eliminated.

How is it different from a drug?
Pharmaceuticals are meant to reverse or mask
a symptom. The focus is narrow (focused on a
single symptom or cluster of symptoms) and there
are many possible side effects. Homeopathy treats
the whole person so that a deep healing comes
from within and symptoms are relieved because
the homeopathic remedy corrects the energetic
imbalance in the individual.

Does Health Insurance
cover homeopathy?

Medical insurance does not cover homeopathic
fees. However , homeopathy is a health modality
that is approved by most "health savings plans"
provided by your employer or your own private
plan. If you itemize health expenses for income tax
purposes, homeopathy is deductible.

Is Homeopathy expensive?
Homeopathy is an extremely economical form of
health care and it works on all levels - physical,
mental and emotional. Once we locate your
constitutional remedy and you are satisfied
with your progress, you will be able to call for
follow-ups or ask new questions as the need
arises. In this way we can measure your progress
and make adjustments in your care without costly
re-examinations. There is never a charge for
the remedies.

How Are you curious but live a distance away?

Difficulty coming to my office? 

Don't let geography stop you.
Sensation Style Homeopathy is successful by
phone as well as in person. I have had excellent
results with these "long distance" connections and
I extend an invitation to anyone who feels they
want to explore their healthy options by using
homeopathy - even when coming to my office is
too difficult or impossible. All you need is a speaker
phone (the interview is a lengthy process) and a
quiet place, free of responsibilities and


Homeopathic Treatment

Your Assessment
What happens if I say I want to try homeopathy?
Great! We can embark on a path that will ignite your own healing abilities. Initially we begin with an interview. This is the method I use to understand exactly what you are experiencing. After this exploration I match your responses to a remedy that will work for you. I will follow your progress by phone call or office visits.

What is in these remedies?
Remedies are made from natural substances and have been highly diluted in a process that includes succussion (rhymes with percussion). The remedies may be given as dry pellets that melt in your mouth or administered in water with instructions for how often to repeat.

We usually see results in a positive direction within the first week. Long term and lasting results depends very much on what sort of illness you have and your own constitutional makeup. Many cases are resolved in three months, more chronic or intense cases may take longer.

Frequency of Treatments
Is it something I have to take forever?
You may use your deep acting constitutional remedy whenever your defenses need help or whenever you might need some strength for "life' s difficulties". Think of this remedy as a "reset" button. It will remind your systems of their own unique strengths. Occasionally when clients are on long term medication or is in a situation that continues to create stress I find these folks like to take the remedy on a regular schedule.


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