A thorough and effective holistic approach to Lyme disease is now available

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Dear Jolinda, I wanted to send along my sincere thanks. You have no idea how much your forward thinking care changed my life! You are the only practitioner out of many who connected the dots. Bob R

Bob R., Lincolnville


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Ask anyone who has
benefitted from homeopathy
and the answer is a
resounding "YES!"
Historically consumers have
experienced great success
using homeopathy, including
the Royal Family in England.
Now, because of clinical and
scientific investigation and
peer review globally we
have greatly expanded our
understanding of
homeopathy and added to our
pharmacopeia, all of which
improves our success rate.
Internationally homeopathy is
poised to be the health care
choice for the future based on
effectiveness, safety and
modest cost.




This Lyme Program is personalized with instrument testing of the acupuncture points. It is designed to

  • Eliminate the Lyme pathogens and co-infections by breaking down the bacteria's defenses
  • Protect the patient from lengthy side-effects of released toxins (Jarisch-Herxheimer Reactions)
  • Reverse and eliminate candida overgrowth
  • Normalize pro-biotic function
  • Promote metabolic and hormonal balance
  • Restore natural immunity to its protective level
  • Bring the patient back to good heath as quickly as possible

Why hasn't Lyme disease been treated effectively? A lot of dedicated effort has been devoted to treating the symptoms and trying to eliminate the pathogen. So what is the problem?? The condition quickly becomes more than a microbial infection. The spirochete that is responsible for the disease quickly alters the body's homeostatic mechanism. Very soon after infection, the neurological repair mechanisms begin to fail (brain fog, skin tingling and other sensory deficits), the immune system breaks down (allowing co-infections to flourish), and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis fails in its feedback system (leaving a weakened vital energy).

Since the Borrelia  pathogen becomes enmeshed with the patient's systems, it is difficult to treat with antibiotics. Typical traditional treatment methods cannot allow for individual susceptibility . In the end partial approaches prove to be only partially correct and, therefore, not curative. We have taken modern holistic approaches and combined them with ancient principles of healing to bring an end to Lyme's devastating effects.

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A thorough and effective holistic approach to Lyme disease is now available. The system I've adopted, developed by holistic physicians, takes a 5-track approach to reach every aspect of the disease complex.

The GOAL is to eliminate the disease complex and restore the body's natural resistance as quickly as possible ― in 3 to 4 months in most cases, with positive results typically seen within the first month.

To bring the patient back to good health as quickly as possible ―
the 5-Track Lyme Program addresses the following

  • pathogens
  • neurology
  • hormones
  • toxicity
  • immunity

The success of this Program relies on its ability to determine the best choices of remedies, herbs and supplements for the individual to synergistically restore good health. Using acupuncture principles and testing, the best approach for your condition can quickly be determined.



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