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No alternative therapy available has a more illustrious history than Acupuncture. This form of treatment is ideal for many issues of stress, both physical and emotional, inflammations, infertility, slow healing from surgeries or trauma, etc.

We use our skills to assess subtle signs of stress and deliver an individualized treatment.

Eileen Murray

MAc, LAc

My healing arts practice of 21 years has grown to include Tuina (a form of Asian bodywork therapy), Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki.  Incorporating these healing modalities with acupuncture often deepens and strengthens the treatment. 

I practice in Rockland and my phone number is (207)576-5360.

Abi Morrison

LAc, MAc

My practice of Asian medicine is heavily influenced by self-practiced healing modalities including Ta'i Ji and Chikung.  I hope to inspire patients to gather more ability to care for themselves through these gentle revitalizing exercises, awareness of Asian dietary therapy, bodywork, and use of local and Chinese herbs. My motto is "Less is more" when using needles, and in general: "Less pain, more gain".

 I synthesize my earlier training of two styles of acupuncture from the  College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, U.K. with the delicate Japanese approach and historic methods I learned during my Masters of Acupuncture training at Tri-State College of Acupuncture.  I practice in Rockland. See my website for more information: www.RedBirdAcupuncture.com or call (207) 594-4766.

Mary O'Herin


Since 2003 I have built my private acupuncture practice primarily in Belfast Maine. My practice is enhanced by my earlier studies and practice, including my B.A in Religion from Webster University, Swedish Esalen and Deep Tissue Massage training. My practice is in Belfast.
Please see my website for more information: www.MaineGentleAcupuncture.com or call (207) 319-3119.

Jolinda Rockett


My background as an intensive care RN has helped me to understand and counsel clients who may be faced with difficult medical decisions. I've practiced as a licensed acupuncturist since 1986 using gentle Japanese styles. I have also added homeopathy as a specialty and use various Oriental Medicine techniques as needed. I practice in Camden at 87 Elm Street, Suite 201. To find out more about me and my practice, please see my site: www.jolindarockett.com or call me at (207) 691-6920.

A Panel Of Four

May we speak at your next event?

Our mission is to educate our neighbors about acupuncture. We are available to speak to your group and answer questions about this wonderful system of health care. In our talks we also teach simple ways of using some acupuncture principles at home.

Please call us to schedule a talk for your group.

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